Good Silestone Vendor in New York City
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I'm looking for a good place to get a Silestone countertop in New York City. Trying to get a good price and reliability. Anyone have a suggestion?
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I have no specific vendor recommendations to make, but I suggest if you're a Costco member, go to one of their stores. As you exit, there's typically vendor booths for local companies that Costco have contracted with for things like cabinets, countertops, curtains, garage doors, etc.

When we did our kitchen remodel a few months ago, we grabbed brochures for the countertop guys, and the cabinet guys. We ended up going with countertop company to do our Silestone countertop, a Craft-Art wood top for the island counter, a stainless steel sink and facuet. The company we dealt with said they had to go under extra vetting from Costco in order to be chosen. They were great people to work with, highly professional, and offered very good prices.
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