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Any way to upload videos to youtube not using a web interface?

I think the question really says it all, but the reason I am asking is I have a video that just won't upload.

I made a smaller version of the video, posted it fine, but after their conversion it looked really crappy. So I tried to upload the bigger one (after removing the original). I thought maybe it's a filename conflict, so I renamed the file, and titled the video differently.

It still won't go.

Any ideas? Tried from three different locations using different machines.
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If you have access to a Mac throw it in iMovie and run the export following this guide. iMovie also has a direct to Youtube upload interface but you won't be able to control much on the compression side if you go that route.
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Also make sure you are set to always view the high-quality version of YouTube videos. It makes a difference.
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Try this free software if you have Windows.
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Response by poster: I should have specified I was on a mac. I did get it up there. I don't think it had much to do with the video file (the reason it looked bad). I think it was my youtube settings.

I was hoping for a way to ftp the files up, or an application that did it.

My version of iMovie doesn't seem to support the upload.

No big deal. I did check versiontracker first, but was really hoping for a non-web interface application.
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Response by poster: Just a heads up. Found this: vidnik

Seems to also upload none app generated clips. Haven't tested it a lot, but seems kinda cool.
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