Controlling Birds Nesting in Trees
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Birdfilter 2: A tree on our street provides nesting and perching for the neighborhood doves. The daily crap deposited on my car is unbelievable. I may try the owl (though it sounds goofy), but are there other ideas? (The previous owners nearly cut the tree down, which I refuse to do.)
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habanero sauce on the tree limbs?
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seriously though,

A shotgun inside city limits is normally frowned upon.

Creating a non-friendly environment for the doves/pigeons is what's needed.

A few ideas were posted here, with links.
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neighbors used to use plastic snakes. Tidied up the poolside right-quick.
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Actually, habanero sauce won't work.
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neat Johnny, I honestly didn't know that
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Off-topic, from Cecil's response: Capsaicin sensitivity is perhaps the most well known difference between bird and mammalian receptors, although birds also seem to be insensitive to many other substances that are irritating to mammals, including ammonia and naphthalene. (A contrasting case is methyl anthranilate, grape flavoring, which is aversive to birds but not to mammals.)

Which I guess confirms the rumour I'd heard, that grape koolaid powder would get Canadian Geese off the beach. Though I, personally, feel they should be removed by shotgun.
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This product has worked for me on a balcony, but maybe it won't make sense with a tree, unless the birds are very localized. I've heard that wind chimes will keep them away, and, though I doubt it, it seems like an easy thing to try.

Be sure to update this thread with your solution, if you find one! These birds are really persistent and stubborn, and anybody who's ever battled a pigeon/dove problem would swear they are evil geniuses!
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Oh, look! I just found this story, so it might be worthwhile to have a look up in the tree and see if there is a hollow that is being used as a nest, and, if so, try to eliminate birdy access to it (the folks in the linked story filled it with foam insulation). Whatever you do, it will probably require a combination of ploys. Perhaps putting some kind of netting up in the branches of the tree might help - they hate anything that prevents them from getting a good foothold.
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I had a pigeon problem and was told that the owls will work, but need to be repositioned every week or so. I decided it was easier to sell the house.
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I had a bird in the tree outside of my bedroom window that seemed to only make noise at night. I launched ice cubes at it nightly for a week or so and it never returned.
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Owls probably won't work. They don't generally eat other birds. You'll need a hawk or something of that nature if you're looking to frighten them off. Hanging bits of metalic ribbon all over the tree can work too.

If there are other trees in the area that would be more suitable for the birds to perch in, you can encourage them by getting some cracked corn or millet and putting it around the tree. Maybe a pound or two a day for a few weeks.

You can also check out this company's products if nothing else works.
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