Hail me a cab!!
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Greensboro NC filter - a friend at Guilford College in Greenboro needs a taxi at 5 am Tuesday morning. All the cab companies have zero or lousy ratings. Any recommendations??
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The college recommends this list, but they seem to all need 24 hours notice. Where is your friend going? Maybe they will work with you. There's no friend on campus that can give a ride? I'm an alum, and remember all the helpful "friendly" people there. (har har, friendly, get it?)
I don't know anything about ratings sorry, and have no first hand experience to help. Good luck!
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Ratings for cab companies? Where?

Even if there is a "cab ratings" website, do you really think anyone who ever got plain old average service would go seeking out such a site to post a review? Of course all the ratings are bad--that's the only kind of rating anyone is ever going to post. If you want your best shot at getting super-excellent service that's fine, but I think you'd probably be just fine with any decent-sized cab company.
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I realize this is too late, but I've used Blue Ribbon to get me to the airport for a 6 am flight. I called the night before, the guy showed up on time, helped me with my bags, and charged me $25. He didn't speak the clearest English, but other than that my experience was fine.
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Hey we are all alumni of GuilCo, its too late now, but I have never had any problems with calling a cab in advance. But I also had a lot of friends while I was there so I only had to do that once.

Hopefully your friend made it.
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Response by poster: She called Yellow Cab the night before and worked out fine. Usually she can get a ride but 5 am is bit much for college students especially since she's needed a bunch of rides in the past week. A few times this past week, she had to call a cab to come asap - one never showed up, one took forever - obviously calling the night before works better.

(And, yes, we've found the people to be very "friendly" there)
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Sorry, I'm lame. I just wanted to say hello to all the fellow Fighting Quakers out there on metafilter.

The airport taxis will usually be pretty reliable no matter what the hour. All other G'boro taxis are utter crap in my estimation.
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