Pivot Tables for Dummies?
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Pivot Tables for Dummies? Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for pivot tables for someone who's never created them before?

A co-worker used to create Pivot tables using spreadsheets that my boss creates by downloading a lot of data from one of our programs. Pivot Table Guy was downsized so the pivot table job was shifted to another employee who has no idea what he's doing. New Pivot Table Guy asked my boss for help, and he drafted me since I have actually used them before. We have a meeting tomorrow to teach New Pivot Table Guy. However, I am quite the beginner and only create them rarely, so whenever I do it is always trial and error to figure out what I need to do. I'd like something a little more structured to show New Pivot Table Guy. Does anyone know a simple web tutorial I can print out and leave with New Pivot Table Guy? We use Excel 2003. I have no idea what NPTG's experience with Excel is. I don't know what they do with pivot tables either.
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try here while you're waiting for the experts to answer
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or here maybe.
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I like this one, though I focused on other sections of the book

VBA and macros for Microsoft Excel /
by Jelen, Bill. c2004.
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