Help me find a photo of the 2008 RNC convention hall.
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I'm trying to find a photo of the empty RNC convention hall.

I remember seeing a photo or a CG render of the 2008 RNC convention hall, and I think I saw it in a newspaper or on a blog shortly before the convention started.

It's sort of a view from high up in the corner of the room with the stage as the focal center of the shot. The carpet is bright red, reflecting a lot of light from somewhere, and the rows of seats are black. There are no people in it.

The image was very striking and I'm trying to find it now to no avail. Say what you will about the Republicans, they know how to decorate badass-ly. It would not have appeared inappropriate if Darth Vader or a supervillain were standing on the floor.
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Best answer: Here's one, maybe.
posted by peachfuzz at 1:14 PM on September 8, 2008

What struck me about that empty hall is that the seats are laid out in a Union Jack.
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Response by poster: Hey, you found it! Thanks, peachfuzz.

Do you know where I could find a higher-res version?
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That looks a hell of a lot like a rendering. I don't think it's a photograph.
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Response by poster: Found it.

Question answered. Thanks everybody!
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Best answer: The convention site has a lovely 3840x2160 version, suitable for framing or mounting or wrapping fish.

If you zoom in on the full version, you can see that the rendering is actually populated, with a speaker's silhouette and a person in every seat - flat, grayed-out shadow people giving a silent, eternal standing ovation.
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