What does this tea package say?
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Asking for a friend: Can you translate this (Japanese?) tea package? PDFs here and here.

What kind of tea is this? What are the preparation instructions?

Thank you, hive mind!
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Down the front it says "Tsumitate Gyokuro" (fresh-picked gyokuro—gyokuro the best grade of green tea, and literally means "jewel dew"). To the right of that it says "traditional technique." To the left is marketing hoohah about its rich flavor. I can't quite make out what's at the front bottom.

Directions on the back:
Put 2 tsp per person in your teapot. Steep for 20 sec at 90°C or 30 sec at 80°C. Swish the water around a few times. Pour a bit at a time into each cup to maintain consistency across cups.

The manufacturer's name is Ito-en.
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And so quickly, too! Thank you, adamrice!
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The friend says:
The instructions are strange for gyokuro; there's a reference to 60 degrees and 90 in the black section at the bottom of step 2. Could you explain what that says? And what about the "2" and the "3" just below section 3?
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In the case of gyokuro, steep for 90 seconds at 60℃ to make delicious tea.


By turning the pot 2 or 3 times, the tea leaves will open and a fuller flavor will be drawn from them.

Not word for word, but that's what it basically says.
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Ah, delicious Itoen!
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