You fill out a form, then see where everyone else is from who also filled out the form.
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Is there a WordPress plugin that will let me make forms for people to fill in, and then dump the results to the database instead of emailing the results to me? I want reports with Google Charts (specifically the US and World maps).

There are at least a dozen different survey/questionnaire/poll/form plugins, but nearly all of them merely email submissions to a given address.

I want to be able to maintain real-time statistics about who has filled out a form so that I can tie it to the APIs from Google Chart and produce maps for my site. Ideally once I set this up, it should run without any interaction from me. (No exporting data to create a report manually). I'm not worried about spoofing for now.

So far I've only found two contenders:

Surveygizmo, which is close but doesn't seem to support the mapping report that I'm interested in.

SurveyFly, which hasn't been updated to support recent versions of WordPress.

Is there something out there that I'm missing?
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Google Docs can do this for you, and will give you code to embed the form in a post.
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Response by poster: I should mention that I have no problem extracting the data I care about and building the map-report myself. I just want a plugin that will do the form-to-database portion.
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Response by poster: Ugh. That is to say, I don't mind writing the code that will extract the data and build the report. After I write it, the code will do the work from that point forward.
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Then, in conjunction with Google Spreadsheet API, that's all your need. People enter data into form, form data is placed into spreadsheet, which you can then access via that API.
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CForms might be what you need. It has a tracking mechanism which can be accessed via the Wordpress Admin where you can download form submissions in XML or CSV formats. Form submissions are only e-mailed to you if you want them to be. I've used it on a couple of sites so far and have been pleased.
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Response by poster: Google Docs is working mostly well, and hasn't required any coding on my part, save for a little bit of spreadsheet manipulation of data. I hooked the form to a spreadsheet (which collects the completed-form data) and told a 'gadget' called Heatmap to look at the results and display a map. Google provides an 'embed' code that you can paste onto any website to see the results. In general, it's pretty slick.
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