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How do I get used to these new glasses?

Slightly different from the normal question - I'm well familiar with the process/length of time for adjusting to the new prescription, but now I'm having problems with the frame type.

I've been wearing glasses for nearly 20 years now, but in all this time, I've only had the frame type with nose pads.

I just got these frames from my home-town eye doctor. We only did some minor adjustments while I was there as I don't live there any more - they mailed the glasses to me when they were finished and still need some adjusting for a good fit.

I'm having some difficulty adjusting to the lack of nose pads and find myself continually pushing the glasses back up a bit on my nose - will a proper fitting and getting the ear pieces to curve more around the back (which I intend to get done this week) keep the glasses at the top of my nose where I want them or is this sort of frame just doomed to slide down down down the nose?
Important to note that by, "down down down", I mean a millimeter or three down to the top of that bump on the nose instead of tucked nicely into the dent between nose and forehead).
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I think a proper fitting will work wonders. I switched from nose pad frames to something very similar to your new ones a few years ago. It was weird for the first week or so, but now I don't even think about it. I also can't imagine going back to nose pads in the future.
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I only wear plastic frames. Even after fittings, I've found that all of my glasses slip down my nose unless the ear pieces fit very snugly--usually so snugly to the point of being uncomfortable. On the plus side, you get used to shoving them back up your nose. In fact, sometimes I find myself reaching to do so when wearing contacts. Plastic frames are also less slippery slidey in winter, when there's less sweating going on.
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A proper fitting is key with plastic frames - but you'll need to continually go in to get adjustments, especially in warm or humid weather, because they stretch back out. I always have my optician make mine just a teeny bit too tight.
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I constantly pushed my plastic frames up...I loved the look; had them for two years, had them professionally adjusted many times. My optician says plastic changes shape as it warms on your face so has to be readjusted often. (also, my nose is oily...could be one of my problems with no nose pads) I'm loving my new very fashion-forward metal frames w/ nose pads! ; )
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Two things: time, and a proper fitting. Find an eyeglass shop near you that will adjust any frame; some of the chains will do it for free. And you will get used to them; it's a weird transition, but time is your friend.
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