Help me fend off the shower curtain liner!
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My shower curtain liner chases me while I am taking a shower. It has a few little magnets that are supposed to keep it attached to the tub, but they're not enough. What can I do?

I got a new showerhead and have a lot more water pressure now. Since then I notice that when I get in the shower, the curtain liner blows up away from the tub's edge as if it's attacking me . I'm prone to claustrophobia so this is not good!

Even though the liner has a few tiny magnets at the bottom, they no longer keep it attached. Is there any simple trick I can use to keep the curtain liner in place that won't damage the tub or cost me much money?
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You're using an iron tub? I love those things. What about the obvious: Bigger magnets?
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Maybe a ShowerBow would help? I've not used one because my liner likes to chum up against the decorative fabric shower curtain I have on the outside whenever I shower.
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It's the circulating air that's causing the problem. There's a pressure difference between the outside and inside that's causing the curtain to move inward.

We either have to eliminate the differential (unlikely) or affix the curtain to withstand the force.

-get a heavier (thicker) internal liner
-get bigger magnets, ideally ones coated in plastic so that they won't mar your tub.
-aim the higher-pressure shower head to push back against the liner.
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Cotton liner Costly but will not chase you.
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Bigger magnets worked for me in the same situation. Make sure you get the plastic-coated ones, or you will get rust streaks running down your shower curtain and tub below the magnets.
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Another vote for bigger magnets, or a heavier shower curtain.
The science behind what's happening.
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bigger magnets or just plain old weights.
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Extra magnets, cut out from an old liner. I tape mine on with clear heavy-duty packing tape - works like a charm.
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This stopped happening to me when I started using both inner and outer shower curtains.
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Cheapest solution: wooden clothespins along the bottom.
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Another data point for you... I just replaced a light weight liner with magnets, that used to move occasionally, with a heavier liner without magnets. This one does not move a bit. The overall weight and stiffness of it seem to keep it in place.


BTW, this was one of those questions I've had in my hopper for a while, but never got around to posting. Thanks!
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When this happens to me, I just leave a 6 inch gap at the end of the shower curtain (between the end of the curtain and the wall). As long as the air can flow, it doesn't happen.
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what blue-beetle said. open the curtain a bit.
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I don't have any actual practical advice to offer but you should read Ian Frazier's "How To Operate The Shower Curtain" from The New Yorker. It's very funny.
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We installed a hotel style shower curtain rod in our new bathroom. It's a curved rod that holds the top of the curtain outside of the rim of the tub, giving a lot more arm room in a tight space. We haven't had any problem with the curtain blowing in since. Sounds perfect for claustrophobia.
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