how much is the daily rate for a conference facility in sharm el-sheikh, egypt?
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[event planning filter] i'm putting together a rough budget for a week-long workshop in sharm el-sheikh, egypt, and i'm having trouble finding the rates for a hotel conference room...

everything's up in the air right now, but here are some details:

-held in sharm el-sheikh in april 2009
-25-35 participants
-need large conference room + one smaller breakout room for five days
-AV also needed

i've submitted a dozen requests for proposals online, but have only received a handful of responses, mostly telling me that they cannot accommodate our group.

i just need a number to place in the budget proposal for the meeting room, breakout room, and AV equipment. can anyone with experience in event-planning (in sharm el-sheik, or egypt, generally) provide me with a ballpark figure?

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Have you called, rather than submit online? When I was planning an event, phone calls got much better responses than online submissions. Also, if you're able to/nearby, I would recommend site visits, negotiating in person is often very beneficial (it also eliminates surprises).
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Yeah, call and ask for the events manager/conference manager/banquet manager (the title can vary).

Usually you'll get meeting rooms free if you hit a minimum F&B figure.
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