Is There Something That'll Autopost My Links to Blogspot?
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This may be a pipedream, but is there a site out there which will allow me to automatically post a batch of links which I've collected on something like delicious to my blogspot weblog? [In a similar fashion to the way kottke includes his quick links with the main body of his weblog] I'm thinking of a similar protocol to flickr were I give them my blogger login details and all I have to do is click a post button and its all done for me...
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I can imagine a kludgy but fast workaround ;

1) The quick-link section lives in a frame (I know, frames suck, but...) on the side of your blog page. The frame reference document - the barest bone html page - lives on another (your) webserver.

Here's what I mean :


[TITLE]Quick Links[/TITLE]


But - use the proper "<>" tag markers instead of the "[ ]" ones I used here.

You could add colors and font choices, I guess, but keep it SPARE otherwise.

2) Whenever you want to post links, you just dump them in the body section, sequentially, at the tail end of your last posted link and then just FTP the page to your server. Then when someone calls up the blogger page, they get your update.

Does Blogger even allow frames?
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I think some browsers may even have this sort of function built in *cues expert, to rail about and refute my amateur notions*
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Does Blogger even allow frames?

It does but whenever I've seen them being used it tends to lead to unpleasantness. What I'm requesting is in essence a lazy way of putting a post together which includes everything I've gathered together without having to do all the boring html legwork in the Blogger interface.
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delicious just launched a beta feature that allows you to post to MT and Typepad (I'm testing it right now on my own blog), but I'm sure it's possible for Joshua to extend it to work with the Blogger API too.
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Matt -- I just checked your blog -- that's exactly what I was talking about. Blogger functionality would be a dream.
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Funny, I was just about to post a question asking if there was a plug-in or hack available so that I could post a linklog entry to my MT weblog and have it send a ping to, and it looks like we now have a cool vice versa feature.

Matt, where can we learn about testing that new beta feature? I'm looking in the documentation and not seeing anything.
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It's on the discussion list here. Joshua indicates that it may work with blogger, but I haven't tried it out, so I'm not sure.
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The other option is to use feedburner, which will combine feeds from your blog,, and flickr into a single feed.
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Hey Matt, I've been waiting for that feature to sign up. Do you have a link to the howto for it? I'm not sure which one of the 5 in the about section will do that.
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Not to steal words from their mouth, but it'd be dead easy for them to add Blogger support. I converted a small Perl script of my own from posting to a MT blog to posting to a Blogspot blog within a few minutes.
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