New bank!
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Which bank for a small business.

I am looking for a bank account for a small (professional services) business in Arizona..

Looking for that magical mix:

1. Best online services (I try to do all my banking online).
2. Lowest fees.
3. stable

I suspect my current bank is about to go under..
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As far as #3, the link list here has some pretty good databases where you can look up the estimated health of any bank.
posted by crapmatic at 8:38 PM on September 7, 2008

You aren't referring to WAMU about to go under, are you?
posted by telstar at 12:56 AM on September 8, 2008

Is there any way you can join a credit union? My credit union has excellent online services, is stable, and I pay ZERO fees.
posted by hazyspring at 6:03 AM on September 8, 2008

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