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Where can I work alongside my friend?

My friend and I are temporarily unemployed (we're both college students). Where can we get a fun job together?
We need original ideas such as the Banana Stand in Arrested Development.
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Movie theatres. Especially small ones in malls with hatches to roof. You can drink your beer up there during night shows.
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My friends and I were going to do this last summer but it fell thru: One of my friends used to be a manager at Burger King. He was going to try and get hired (at a different store) for the graveyard shift. Once he accomplished that, I and another friend would attempt to get hired for the same shift. Since this particular fast food location staffed one manager and two regular employees to work the graveyard shift, the three of us would just chill out, deef fry stuff and make fun of drunk people all night long.

Man, we really should've done that.
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You know why jobs like this appear in TV shows and movies? Because they are by and large a fun fantasy that everyone would like to try out for a time, but they're hard/impossible to swing because companies need to make money not entertain you and your buddy. I've worked the graveyard shift at a restaurant with two other employees and no manager. It would've been a great shift to have a good friend on, but as it turned out I had to work that job for months before the manager stopped dropping by to check up on the employees. If you and your friend screw around or fail to do the job as required, sure you'll get fired from a job you don't care about, but the manager who needs his/her job and trusted you is also going to catch a lot of shit for his/her mistake.

Your best bet is to go to work for a family member or friend that expects you to not always be on the ball and doesn't care, good luck. Or start your own business, like a frozen banana stand. Then everything's on you.
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If and only if you like kids, try getting a job with some sort of after school program, where you can work together to entertain the kids.
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Ski resort, lift operators.
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Small bagel bakery, mostly you're all just standing around a table all shift tossing dough into machines. High turnover.
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