Romantic restaurant in St. louis?
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i'm looking for a romantic vegetarian friendly restaurant in st. louis

i'm in a long distance relationship, and there's been some friction as of late (not the good kind either *ba-damp pssh*). I'm going to visit her in st. louis this coming weekend, and I'd like to take her someplace nice and romantic, with minimal amounts of pretension/stuffiness. She's vegetarian, so if there's some place that does higher end, veg-friendly food that would be perfect.

Right now Vin de Set is pretty much the best I've got. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
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If she eats fish, I would recommend Oceano in Clayton. It's an upscale fish/seafood restaurant that has gotten gotten good reviews. For sushi, Wasabi, in Clayton if great!
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Best answer: STL is in the heart of beef eating country, but give these a look:


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Harvest might have something that you/she'd like on their menu.
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Seconding Terrene, for sure. I'm also a huge, huge fan of King & I on South Grand (delicious, veg-friendly Thai food). FYI, as a vegetarian who does NOT eat fish, it was pretty challenging to find something strictly vegetarian at Oceano.
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Oh! Also, Boogaloo in Maplewood -- they have a couple good veg items on their menu, plus they're flexible & will modify meat dishes as requested (I had a really great pasta there about a month ago that was supposed to made with chicken).
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Response by poster: quick update: So we went to terrene, and she loved it. While making the reservation, I spoke to the hostess and told her a little about us, and she was super accommodating.

We had complimentary champagne waiting at the table. We had an outdoor table originally, but because of the humidity that evening, they also kept an indoor table for us, so that the lady could choose. (went indoors)

But the really nice touch was this: While making the reservation, I told the hostess a story about when I first tried to cook tofu for my veg gf.. . .the results were completely disastrous, heh. The only saving grace of that dinner was a berry tart dessert that I made.

In "memory" of that dinner, the hostess was able to make up a special "dessert menu" with one item on it for druid and druid's gf dinner. That item was a berry tart (or at least their interpretation of one, a fresh fruit buckle is what they called it, but you get the idea). My gf loved it, and got to keep the menu (which was done up very nicely). And, of course, their actual main tofu dish, along with the rest of the food, was delicious.

All in all a very unique and special dinner; thanks for the recs guys.
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Glad Terrene worked out for you. The food in STL was always a pleasant surprise to me, one of the very few fond memories I have of my time there.
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