Chinese cooking blog?
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Any recommendations for a cooking blog with an emphasis on Chinese recipes?

So far I've been using mykoreankitchen for Korean, wandering chopsticks for Vietnamese, and Quick Indian Cooking for Indian. Are there any similar blogs out there that focus on Chinese cooking, preferably with lots of nice pictures? I'm interested in recipes from any region, so long as it's not American-style Chinese food or "Asian fusion" food. Blogs in Chinese are OK, but I usually find it easier to skim English-language blogs. Thanks!
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I love Steamy Kitchen -- it is written by a Chinese-American and is "pan-Asian" but with an emphasis on Chinese cooking. It may not meet all your requirements, but I encourage you to check it out as there are tons of great pictures.
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Appetite for China is fairly good (though a little light on the recipes, and more up on the food in general).

You might also enjoy Rasa Malaysia in general. Obviously an emphasis on Malaysian food. But you seem to have a general interest in Asian food.

You may ALSO want to add Hooked on Heat to your list of Indian food blogs if you haven't already.
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This one will probably be mentioned a few times: Tigers and Strawberries. It covers a lot of different cuisines and topics, but I remember the majority of recipes being Chinese. You can also view all the Chinese recipes in one go by following the link along the right...There are 109 Chinese recipes at the moment.

Barbara the author is also great about responding to readers...I had some questions about fixing the seasoning of my old wok and got a very thorough reply.
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I found this one a while back, called Eating China. It's got a lot of recipes that are conveniently organized into categories like snacks, soups, and sauces. The recipes sometimes don't have as many detailed instructions as I would like, but there's a lot of interesting cultural notes on the blog and it seems to offer a good primer for many common/popluar dishes.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for all the great links!
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