How to make my posts private by default?
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How can I force Wordpress 2.6.1 to make a new post private by default?

Is there a plugin I can use that will make the box be ticked by default? Or some edit I can make to the source code (I've had a look in the source, but I can't see any default setting)? Or even a Greasemonkey script that will tick the box for me automatically? I keep forgetting to tick the box every time I create a new post.
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I'm not familiar with Wordpress code but this sounds like it should be an easy fix if you can find the code containing that checkbox. Look at this for instructions on how to tick it by default. I've done the same sort of hack for vbulletin and it's peanuts.
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Best answer: Using FTP, locate edit-form-advanced.php in your wp-admin directory.

Open it in an editor and find this code.

And replace with this code.

Save and upload back to the server.
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Response by poster: That's great, thank you! :)
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