Rilke translation identification
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Whose translation of Rilke's "Eranna an Sappho" begins "O you fierce far-flinging hurler / Like a spear among domestic things / I lay among my kin"? Googling has turned up a few translations but none of them is the right one. I have Mitchell's Selected Poetry of RMR but it doesn't include "Eranna an Sappho".

The translation is used in Dead Raven Choir's Lesbian Corpse Wolves, but I only have mp3s so I don't know if the information is given in that album or in Selenoclast Wolves, where it was rereleased. I would be willing to believe that it is DRC's own translation but I want to know.
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Best answer: oh! oh! pick me! (sorry...i am just excited that i know the answer to this). it is the translation by edward snow.
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Response by poster: Huzzah!
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Response by poster: Actually, janepanic, can you doublecheck that? I don't have the Snow but someone just claimed to me that he checked and it's a different translation.
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Best answer: i am holding my copy of edward snow's translation of eranna to sappho, from "new poems."

o you fierce far-flinging hurler!
like a spear among domestic things
i lay among my kin. your music
launched me far. i don't know where i am.
no one can ever bring me back.

my sisters think of me and weave,
and the house is full of trusted footsteps.
i alone am distant and given over,
and i tremble like a plea;
for the lovely goddess burns at the center
of her myths and lives my life.

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Response by poster: Why, that asshole.
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