What happened to Roy?
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Need help with the end of Bill Moyers Journal program last night.

He had a segment last night on National Guard troops sent to Iraq. At the end of the segment, there was a still picture of one of the soldiers in the story and some white text overlaying his picture. I don't have cable and PBS broadcast picture comes in REALLY poorly on my set. I get audio okay, but picture is really bad and I couldn't read any of the text at all.

Does anyone know what the text said?

This was the blond guy with the kid who couldn't handle his father's leaving again. I found a transcript online, but it was just a transcript of what was spoken, didn't contain this text. From the transcript, I think the guy's name was Roy Parks. Googled, and I don't think he was killed, but I couldn't really find out anything else.

Did anyone catch this and know what the rest of his story is?
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It said that his PTSD was worse than anyone knew, and he was discharged from the Guard from Texas (without making it back to Iraq.)
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Screenshots: One, Two

Those were the only two frames that I could find (I haven't watched it yet though)
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Yep, spasm is correct.
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this is only tangentially related, but I also don't have cable, and I got the DTV converter box (with $40 off discount coupon) and my PBS reception is really good now. might be worth switching before Feb (after the coupon cost me $25).
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Thanks everyone. That was exactly what I was looking for.

Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Out all day.

And ejaned8, thanks for the suggestion. I'm dreading the conversion. I've got an old Series 1 Tivo box with lifetime service (lifetime of the box, not my lifetime). But I don't think it'll work with a conversion box. When the switchover comes in February, I'll either have to bite the bullet and get cable or just possibly give up TV altogether. With so much online programming now, I might be able to get by without TV. I'll probably still get a converter, but broadcast TV without Tivo to search out and save those rare programs worth watching is pretty much a wasteland. But thanks for the idea.
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Also, I think that you can watch complete Bill Moyer's Journal video on his website.
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