Can WordPress and WordPress MU play nice together?
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Can WordPress and WordPress MU share a database?

I need to install WordPress MU on a site that already has the standard WordPress installed elsewhere, and the host has a one database limit. I know multiple installations of WordPress can share, but is the same true of MU?
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Best answer: Yes. You need to give a different prefix (the default is usually wp_) to the database tables, which you can do in the wp-config.php file or in the setup window for MU. So, for example, all your MU tables will be wpmu_tablename, whereas your original WordPress tables are wp_tablename.

The database is easy to keep conflicts to a minimum. The use of Apache redirects is a little tougher, but loads of folks have run the two side by side and there's good info (amid a bunch of noise) in the MU forums.
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