How can I transfer my calendar from a Motorola Q to an iPhone?
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How can I transfer the calendar from a Motorola Q to an iPhone, without Outlook 2003?

I have a new iPhone, and I want to transfer my calendar info from my old Motorola Q to the iPhone. I have Outlook 2000, which unfortunately won't sync with the iPhone. Not really a big deal to me, except I want to transfer my calendar info from my old phone.

The service on the Motorola Q has been canceled so I cant access the web with it. I can still connect it to my pc and sync it, upload or download programs and files, etc.

Alternately, is there any way to legitimately get Outlook 2003 really cheap?
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NuevaSync has been fantastic with syncing the iPhone to Google Calendar (and free). If you can somehow get your calendar to Google, then you should be good.
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Best answer: This link shows how to export your calendar from Outlook 2000, and from there you should be able to hook it up with Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar.
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I would use goosync to move the Q's calendar to googlecalendar, then sync the iPhone's calendar w/ that.
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