Need a dresser sized like a lateral file cabinet, or a lateral file cabinet that looks like a dresser
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FurnitureFilter: I need to replace a busted chest of drawers, and am having trouble finding what I want. I'm looking for DEEP drawers; either a 3-4 drawer lateral file cabinet that looks like a dresser, or a dresser with drawers like a lateral file cabinet.

Appearance-wise, this dresser would be exactly what I want - if the drawers weren't only 4 inches deep. Maybe if I stacked two of them...

The closet is full, and I've got more clothes. I've got enough space for the footprint of a dresser, but it needs to hold a lot of stuff. The chest I used to have, greatly to be missed, had 3 drawers that were 30"W x 14"D x 11"H and everything just fit.

So a 3-or-4 drawer lateral file cabinet would functionally be a fit for size and capacity, but I am past the point of using freecycled office supplies as bedroom furniture. What are my options?
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How about something like this? It's 20" deep (at its widest?) so the drawers should be at least 14" deep inside.

If this is the form factor you want, then looking at traditional furniture stores for "chests" rather than "dressers" (which are the long, low ones) is probably your best bet.
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I would probably look specifically for 'executive' style office furniture. It's mostly wood or wood veneer, and you would be able to get an actual lateral filing cabinet. I found a few things that might be in the vein of what you want with googling things like 'cherry wood 4 drawer lateral filing cabinet' and such. Here's one example, is it the sort of thing you want?
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Oh, and here's another one that's closer in price to your original that probably matches your dimensions better, although it's less modern looking. Keep in mind that you can swap out the drawer pulls for a different look.
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I was in your position about 2 months ago. I went with the Ikea HEMNES chest of drawers. It has worked out pretty well for me so far.
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How about this one or this one or this one.
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Alternately, to give yourself even more space, what about a wardrobe, like the Pax ones from IKEA? That would let you fit floor to ceiling storage space in your chest space, for more storage?
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