I need to furnish my bedroom.
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Where can I find some inexpensive storage for my bedroom?

I'm furnishing an apartment for the first time, and I need some inexpensive bedroom storage--specifically for garments (mostly socks, boxers, t-shirts, etc.). Craigslist/Thrift Stores/etc. aren't showing a lot of love, and there's not an IKEA in a drivable distance, so what are my options? Does anyone have a bedroom organization system they're fond of? Thanks.
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Not sure if you're looking for something pretty, but I use one of these rolling plastic whatsits for my socks/underwear/etc. It fits in my closet and it's easy to access and see what's in the drawers.
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Oh, and they're available by the thousands in Wal-Mart/Targets.
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Not sure where you are, but: Freecycle?
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Milk crates. I kid you not. I made lots of furniture from milk crates and various other inexpensive materials when I was 17 and on my own.
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Best answer: you say cheap and then you mention ikea. i wish posters would qualify what cheap means in their posts.

if you want super cheap - cinder blocks and plywood or plastic bins or milk crates.

if you want something a little more ikea-esque - target and walmart both do moderately priced flatpack furniture. i'm a fan of the target itso storage line. specifically, the 3X3 cube with the cloth drawers. you can pull the drawers out when you're doing laundry, you can put drawers in 5 of the 9 holes and use the other 4 for books or what have you.
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I have something like this wire storage cube (mine is 6 cubes I believe) and I actually broke it up into two different sets -- I have a 1x3 tower in my hall closet that holds sports stuff and hats/mittens, and I have another 1x2 tower in my bathroom that holds towels. It isn't the most stable thing in the world but it is cheap and does the trick for light stuff/clothes.
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This sort of shelving can give you a lot of vertical storage space.
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Got a good thrift store in town?
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I have six of the rolling plastic whatsits that phunnieme mentioned. They won't win any awards for tasteful modern design, but they're great for storing socks, underwear and pajamas.

I've also got one of these hanging sweater organizers. When I searched "sweater organizer" on Amazon, I turned up some other options that are giving me organizer envy.

By far my favorite organizing tools are these clear over-the-door shoe organizers. I use one in the bedroom closet for shoes, one in the bathroom (screwed directly to the wall, rather than hung over the door) for toiletries and one in the front hall closet for umbrellas, hats, gloves, etc. I've seen people use them to store pantyhose and tights, and even spices and boxed teas.

How about simple, basic hooks? They're cheap, they're easy to install and they keep stuff off the floor. What more could one ask of an organizational tool?
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Response by poster: nadawi: I was looking at some of the itso stuff today. How many do you have? And how long do they take to assemble?
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the only one i've had was the 9 square, but i've suggested them to other people and helped put them together. they take an hour or two to put together, and if i remember correctly, they're of the no tool variety. they are sturdy as all fuck, too.
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