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Tips for US naturalization interview?

I have my interview soon, and I'm a bit nervous. One reason for this is I've traveled a lot in many parts of the world since getting my green-card (though never going over the 6-month restrictions), mostly for recreation and briefly for work. I've gotten into slight trouble on reentry to the US with officials who really want to know why I go to these places, even though they're generally US-friendly areas and not say, Iran or Cuba. Another thing is I've been denied entry to a country before, and denied a visa once. On top of it all, I'm currently jobless.

What questions are typically asked during the interview and how should I handle them? Do a lot of people fail the interview for these types of reasons?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Don't provide information that they don't ask for. Try not to be nervous which might mean not drinking coffee beforehand. Generally the interview is a formality. You have already been vetted by passing the application process so none of the stuff you mention should matter at this point. They mostly want to check to see if you have been doing anything illegal since the application was filed.
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Yeah, don't stress it too much, this really is a formality - they are mostly interested in if you are willing to declare if you have done something wrong, and to make sure that you speak English.
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The impression that I got during my interview, is that the interview is mainly to see if you can speak and understand English, and did you take the process seriously enough to do a bit of studying, of the pat answers to the questions that they gave you
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When I went with my wife, it was like 30 seconds long. If you are legit, it is a non event.
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be honest !! that is the main thing they are looking for, and if they think for one second you are not being honest you will have a problem.

if they ask you, what month did you first arrive in the US, and you honestly do not remember, then the correct answer is: hmmm, i am not sure. if they ask, why did you go there, and you are not really sure why you did that, then the correct answer is a sheepish: you know, i dont know why i did that.

do not make up answers because you think you need to provide answers.

honesty is the most important thing. get caught in a lie, or appear to dishonesty, and then you will have a real problem
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