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I'm due to present a scientific poster at a conference in about two weeks. I'm overextended and don't have the time to make it myself. Is there a company that will write text, make charts, do the graphic design, and help me with printing?

I don't want to be a no-show at the conference. But building a poster is always a huge time-suck for me, and I just can't make it a priority right now due to conflicting deadlines. With more funding than time available to me right now, I'd like to outsource this.

I've analyzed my data, and I know exactly what I want the poster to say. I've found companies online that will design/print a poster for me, but they need me to provide them with ready-to-go text, charts, etc. I need more help than that.

I want to hand someone my data spreadsheet, and give them a bullet-point list of what I want the poster to say. This person would then build a histogram and bar chart from my data, and write the text based on what I told them. They'd put together a 3' x 4' poster with some appealing colors and formatting, and arrange for getting it printed and shipped to my hotel at the conference (after I revise/OK the final draft). The person doing this would have to have some scientific savvy to be able to translate my thoughts into good text. They'd also need to be a decent graphic designer and have at least rough working knowledge of statistics. It almost seems like too much to ask at this late date. Does such a company exist?
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Are you at a university? Maybe you can contract a grad student to do this for you?
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Your profile says you're a grad student. Why not ask another grad in your program to do it, and add their name to the poster. You get help, they get a conference publicaiton.
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I'm at a non-academic medical practice, actually. I would totally tap students or lab techs for help, if I had access to any. Adding someone's name to the poster would be fine with me, and only fair to the person doing the heavy lifting.
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oceanmorning, check your MeFi Mail.
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Graduate students where invented for this kind of thing - even better if one got paid for doing it for a change.
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I'm pretty sure that Kendle will do this. I'm not sure what they charge.
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