What Colorado ski town should I live in?
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I'm moving to Colorado near Breckenridge for the winter (Nov - Mar/Apr). What towns should I check out and where should I search?

I have a season pass for Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin and Keystone and think I will be doing most of my skiing/snowboarding at Breckenridge. I'd like to live somewhere that makes it super easy to get there.

My plan is to find a room in a house with other people (for both financial and social reasons). So, can you suggest specific towns and neighborhoods I should be checking out? Any hidden gems that are less expensive and yet still close to Breckenridge? Also, where (besides Craigslist) should I do my searching. I plan on going out for a week in October to look in person for something starting in November.

Any other suggestions, tips, tricks are quite welcome.
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Oh how I envy you. Frisco and Silverthorne are the closest towns that aren't Breck. I've never looked for housing there so I don't know the local scene but I can say the drive from Frisco to Breck was short and sweet.

Oh and you don't say what level skiier or boarder you (I'm a high intermediate/low advanced kind of guy) are but for my money I had a complete blast in all the terrain under Chair 6. Its out of the way and it is an old fixed Double so it doesn't see much traffic at all.
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Oh and you might ask this same question over at the Barking Bear forums. There is a lot of people there with Colorado experience.
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Try Alma or Fairplay, both are a short drive from Breckenridge and have much cheaper housing and are scenically very beautiful. The disadvantage is that the drive can be crazy if you are an inexperienced winter driver and there's not a lot going on for bars, grocery stores, restaurants. Frisco and Silverthorne are ideal if you want to live close to stuff, but they are going to be a little more expensive and harder to find housing. There are lots of big condos in both towns, so be sure to check those out. I had good luck posting an "housing wanted" ad in the Summit Daily newspaper and quickly found an awesome roommate who owned a house outside of Silverthorne.
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