Over-the-shoulder carry-on?
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LuggageFilter: Can anyone recommend a good bag that will hold a few days clothes and be small enough to carry on to a plane? Preferably not a hard case or a backpack, but flexible enough to be carried around anywhere over the shoulder. I live in the UK so it'd be better if the bag was available there but if there's something amazing from the US I'd be willing to order it.
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I don't own it myself, but I saw this bag in the shop the other day and it looked pretty cool.
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I just bought this Patagonia bag for a trip to the Northwest and it was great. Holds a ton of stuff, very, very well made - the only downside is that it's not "divided" into compartments or anything inside. There's a big pocket across the front and a zip pocket inside, so there's at least some organization to it. It has the long, messenger bag kind of strap, so it's also very comfortable to lug through airports and etc. It fit under the set with no problem.
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very interesting...as a luggage problem.
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i use one of my briefcases when i go on weekend trips. i can fit a couple changes of clothes and one extra pair of shoes in a briefcase and on an overcrowded flight, i can often fit it under the seat in front of me, instead of in the overhead bin. of course, i usually carry a handbag with me as well, for toiletries, cell phone and the like. i'm not sure that the briefcase would be sufficient for the weekend without it.
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