Need a SUPER simple online shopping cart.
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Looking for a very simple cart solution for a very simple business.

I'm setting up a shopping cart for a small business that sells one (1) product. I need a shopping cart that will automatically calculate tax, shipping to all around the world, and, most importantly, will be DIRT SIMPLE for the people who fill the orders. Is there anything that's simpler than PayPal?

In the past, we've used PayPal but those emails sometimes get lost, the shipping charges weren't always right, and the people in the company had difficulty dealing with them. I think they ended up printing out every email and doing shipping labels, record-keeping, etc. by hand in a paper notebook. It needs to be easy for an over-60 technophobe to deal with.

They would like for customers to be able to send checks or money orders as well; I set up a Mal's E cart but getting two emails for every transaction was too confusing.

The ideal program would send a very simple notification email that the order's been placed (and paid for, if so) and would make it really simple for them to print a mailing label and add the buyer's info to a database. Oh, and it needs to work on a Mac!

Free would be nice, of course, but I think they're willing to pay a bit for something that will really work.
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I've been using e-Junkie for a bit. It's quite simple, but not sure how you would implement checks/ money orders.
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One of my co-workers is the creator of Foxycart, which I really like. Check it out.
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