What kind of options are available for fixing a bone spur on my calf?
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M.D.Filter: What kind of options are there for repairing a bone spur - on my calf?

Yes I'm going to see a specialist tomorrow, but I thought I'd see what y'all know about it.

I'm in my mid-30's, medium-thin build, about 165, always been in pretty decent shape.

Basically it's poking out about an inch and a half? downwards on the inside of my left tibia, I believe, not directly on the side of it, but more towards the back. A few years ago I noticed it and the doc x-rayed & mri-ed it, etc to make sure it was not bone cancer. Fortunately it was benign, and I have no other obvious problems with bone structure that I am aware of. I do have Hashimoto's, celiac, allergies, some anxiety, but those are all under control.

If I do very little exercise, it doesn't bother me most of the time. It also doesn't bug me a whole lot if I (strangely) do moderate weightlifting. However, if I do stretches, or tai chi or some dancing, or even ride a recumbent stationary bike for about 12 or 15 minutes, or any other extended aerobic activity, it will start to hurt my calf, and then it is a dull ache there the next day. Additionally the knee on that leg has been feeling like it wants to be 'cracked' for about 8 months now (like cracking your knuckles), and feels like the leg wants to mildly hyperextend if I'm standing barefoot. Far as any of the folks I've seen have noted over the last few years, neither leg is longer than the other, and both feet appear to be the same size.

I've done a bunch of physical therapy for that, IT band & foot strengthening exercises, which have certainly strengthened the leg, and at first seemed to help, as well as wearing some Powerstep orthotics that a foot doc suggested which have helped somewhat as well... but now it seems to just be staying in this weird non-improving state.

I have no problem doing exercises forever to keep myself in shape, whatever they are, however many there are, so that I can do the things I like doing, if it is feasible.

Despite my extensive medical history (none of which involves bone problems) I don't really know much about this, and googling reveals plenty of information on bone spurs, but not of this kind.

gracias, hive mind
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IANYD, blah, blah...

There's no way anyone, doctors included, can even speculate properly on your question without seeing x-rays and other imaging. It's not just that there's a bone spur, it's where it is on your calf, what shape, how big, and what's going on with the surrounding tissue.

That said, I will add that from the fact that the spur is poking inward toward the middle of your leg, it's likely that in order to get rid of it, they'll need to flat-out open your leg up. If you have that kind of surgery, the rehab will not be pleasant. Other options might include a less-invasive arthroscopy. That's about it, since any remediation will require that the piece of bone be removed from the body.

Good luck with the treatment!
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