Fix for Braun Shaver/Razor Syncro Clean & Charge System?
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Fix for Braun Shaver/Razor Syncro Clean & Charge System?

The base on my system has been broken for years. Here is a replacement:

The upper "arm" that snaps into the bottom of the razor when it is placed in the charge/cleaning station stopped working. It used to snap into place and stay there unless you hit the blue release button on it. Now (and as I said, for years) it never snaps/clicks into place. For about a year, thanks to the position of some shelves in my bathroom at my old house, I could wedge the unit between shelves after inserting the shaver. This kept the top part locked into place & allowed the cleaning and charging cycles to run.

However, in my past two (including my present) living situations, there is no place to wedge it. I spent time on Google seeking answers previously without any luck.

I am hoping someone either A) managed to open it and fix it or B) has a clever way to keep the top locked into place to allow normal operation. Yes, I could spend $50 (plus shipping) to get a new base station, but I worry if they did not update the design, that it may fail (I noticed newer models did not have anything that snapped into the back of the razor, making me believe they recognized the design flaw but chose to ignore it on the old parts).

I love this shaver, but the quality of shave (even with recently replaced foils etc) is not as good as when it is frequently cleaned with the base station. I actually have 3 cleaning cartridges waiting to be used, so hoping someone can help.
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If you don't end up with a satisfactory way to fix the unit, be aware that the base station cleans the razor with what is basically rubbing alcohol. If you can still charge the razor, a small Tupperware container full of alcohol and a few minutes of manual agitation will achieve the same cleaning effect.
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Response by poster: Is it only a diluted alcohol solution? I was under the impression that it contained a form of lubrication as well?
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I don't see how it could - you wouldn't want the lubrication for the mechanism getting all over the shaving surface. If you still have the manual for the shaver, take a look at what that says - some shavers need the occasional drop of mineral oil in the mechanism (more to displace tiny pieces of hair than anything) and some need no lubrication at all.
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Also, look here. It seems I may be mistaken about the presence of lubricant, if the patent is any could always add a lubricant separately if you feel it necessary.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it looks like it does indeed contain lubrication in addition to a cleanser. I am tempted to build a shelf over the toilet lid and wedge this in there again as I did before.
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I have one of those. What a waste. It is just a ploy to sell you replacements cleaning fluid cassettes. The brush does a fine job and is you want you can add some alcohol to it every now and then to remove and of the facial oils that might have gotten into the blades etc., but that really is not necessary. The razor is nice, but that cleaning system is not worth it.
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