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Can anyone recommend a fantasy football league where just 2 people can form a league and play head to head each week?

it seems like most sites require way more then 2 owners. I just want to set up something for myself and my girlfriend to show her how to play without getting involved in a big league with others that really know what they are doing. If it goes well perhaps next season we'd join a bigger league. Thanks.
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(I assume you mean NFL Football.) Try a private league in Yahoo Fantasy Sports, my friends one time did a 2 team hockey league. No idea if football allows it. You could also join a free public league, you can pick casual play as an option so no one takes it too seriously.
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With just two people, it wouldn't be too hard to just go old skool pen and paper. Or each of you could manage two (or more) teams. Or, if you have access to a webserver, you could try phpffl.
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A two-team league with typical rules would result in pretty deep rosters. So unless your girl already knows her teams and players pretty well, she might get frustrated with a 10- or 12-team league once she's used to starting superstars at every position and she has her pick of free agents (which she likely won't even need).

So, I guess I think ALongDecember is on target since a casual free league might be a better teaching tool anyway.
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I think you could do this on Yahoo. The system will let you begin a season for H2H as long as there are an even number of teams in the league.

I echo the suggestion for the two of you to join a public league. It'll provide a taste of competition for you and your GF that wouldn't be there if the league was only consisting of the two of you.
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Actually, I'll state some good reasons to join a public league.

1. If both of you check your teams and not play injured players, there's a pretty good chance both of you will beat somebody. Bad teams in Fantasy tend to give up and stop checking to take out bye week and injured players, and therefore are easy to beat. Pretty cool morale booster.

2. In a one-on-one league, it will be hard to determine what's a fair trade and could end up like a Monopoly endgame where one player gets desperate and the other benefits greatly. Also, with the depth of players due to two teams, trades will probably be unnecessary anyway and therefore she is not getting the full experience.

3. Variety. You'll get to play other teams and have fun comparing matchups. (I can't believe you lost to David's Destroyers! I beat them 108-64!)

4. Playoffs. Both are you will be in the championship, and the whole league will come down to one game.

But if you are dead set on a 2 team league, Yahoo can do it AFAIK. But consider your enjoyment.
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