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Capturing video from VGA to either HDMI/DVI input or Component Input?

A colleague at work needs to capture some footage but the output is VGA (which I assume is analog). We have two inputs, one is a DVI/HDMI into his Mac, the other is component or maybe composite into a DV Tape Deck.

Am I correct in thinking the VGA will not be compatible with either of these? Are there any alternatives or cheap/easy methods to get this to work?

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Yes, you need the above converter. Don't use the DV tape deck, it will probably lose a lot of quality in the downsampling.
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If the VGA signal originates from a computer, I'd capture the video directly on the source machine using iShowU or some other video capture software.
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Does the Mac seriously have a DVI/HDMI capture card, i.e., this thing? If so, it probably can't capture analog VGA signals over DVI, which is what cheap VGA-DVI converters have.

I'll second Izner Myletze and say if this is coming from a computer, capture it on the computer itself.
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