Chipped, off center headed bobblehead needs fix-up love in Toronto
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Where can I get a bobblehead repaired in Toronto?

I got my boyfriend this bobblehead as a birthday gift a few years ago. It's taken a bit of a beating since then and I'd like to get it fixed up for his birthday in a few weeks.

I'd rather not replace it as it does have sentimental value. It's got a few chips that could be fixed up with paint, and may need a new spring as it's a bit askew. Are there any hobby/model shops in Toronto that could fix this up? I'd also rather not do it myself because I'm not so good with the detail work and it would probably end up looking worse.
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Rather than repair it, why not buy him a lifetime supply?

The money you'd put into a restoration for something so commonly available would be much better spent. If the value is sentimental, I'd just be tempted to leave it as is, but I'm one of those weird collectors who likes to see a little wear on things. The wear is what gives it character and a sense of history.
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Try a doll hospital.
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This isn't a snark; it's what doll-repair places are called.
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If you can't find a doll hospital - they're a dying art - ask on customised doll fora to see if you can do it yourself. If not, someone there may be able to help. I'd recommend the forum, as Blythe dolls have springs.
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You could try asking here, we used this place for a variety of repairs when I worked for an antique dealer here in Toronto:

Name: A. Berg Restorations
Street: 178 Davenport Road
Toronto, On M5R 1J2
Phone: (416) 921-7507
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