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What are some good prizes to give out at an office bowling party?

We're organizing a bowling outing for our office of about 30 people. Prizes will be given out to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Teams will consist of about 4 people each. Each member of the winning team will receive identical prizes. I'm stumped - other than gift certificates, what are some fun, inexpensive (<$15 ea) prizes that we can give out?
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I'd prefer time off over an ITunes gift card.
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A DVD of the movie Kingpin?
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Or The Big Lebowski
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Best answer: The bowling alley may allow you to buy used pins cheap. If you have an office that is a cube farm, spray painting a few of them gold and putting a little plaque on it might be fun. They are HEAVY.
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I really like the things from think geek. I always go here for inexpensive office "white elephant" type gifts.
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How about a small rug that really ties the room together (Lebowski reference)?
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Why don't you want to give gift certificates? A generally agreeable gift certificate, like to a large book store, or similar, is the only office gift everyone's likely to like. There's a large segment of people who aren't going to want any one 'thing' you could possibly give out.
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Yeah, we gave out used pins with tags on them. In addition to giving them to the winners, we gave them out for ridiculous feats like "most gutter balls."
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300 DVD
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If you go the gift certificate route, please get them from unisex stores. (Better yet, an American Express gift check/card that can be used anywhere.) Twice now I've gotten Sephora gift certificates at the awfis festivus party. I'm a single man, and this was a negative gift as it just made me sad that I didn't have a GF to treat to a shopping spree with it.

You might consider a prize of lunch for the winning team at a local restaurant. I was part of a team that won this once and it was fun to all sit down to a meal together. Also, a floating Friday/Monday off would be a great prize if you can get your finance/HR folks to approve it.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I love the Big Lebowski ideas. I found these mini oriental rugs that are actually mouse pads - those might be great gag prizes.
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