Why does my new Google Reader account show me old (read) postings when my old one didn't?
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Why does my new Google Reader account show me old (read) postings when my old one didn't?

I have had a Google Reader account with around 50 feeds for several months. I recently changed my email address, so exported those feeds from the old account and imported them into the new one. In my old account, I would scroll past an item, it would be marked as read, and it wouldn't show up in the feed again.

Now, in the new account, when I scroll past an item it is marked as read, but I still see it and many other previous posts below it. I have googled, looked inside Reader Help, searched MeFi, and gone to every menu I can find on Google Reader. What gives?

(Also, in case it's pertinent: the Show: menu is set to "Updated" and "In expanded view, mark items as read when you scroll past them." is checked.)
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Best answer: Its the option for "Updated" also set in the reading pane? Beause there is one setting to show only the feeds that have been updated, and a separate one that makes it so that only new/updated posts within each feed are shown.
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Response by poster: gwenlister! you are awesome. thank you - it was the option in the reading pane i was missing.

thanks again!
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no prob
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I have a Google Reader question... Using Firefox, how does one mark "read" threads and posts and being "unread"? SHIFT+M doesn't do it (although SHIFT+? brings up the help screen).
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To mark read as unread and vice versa, you simply press "M" on its own with no shift key.
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