Old skool Vegas marriage
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Las Vegas elopement filter: The bf and I would like to elope in Vegas. We're looking for the tackiest Vegas we can find; think fat Elvis, pink champagne, etc. What do you recommend?

Money isn't too much of an issue, but no need to overspend.

Any guidance on chapels, hotels, packages, etc. would be great. The words tasteful, classy, elegant, etc. will not be appreciated! TIA!
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Best answer: I think the discussion begins and ends with the drive-up Elvis wedding. Plus, hey, you can add Grandpa Munster to the package for only $195 more.
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Best answer: The Tunnel of Love Drive-In Wedding Chapel!
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Liberace Museum?
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Response by poster: These are great! Thanks, and other suggestions welcome as well.
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while in the white wedding chapel, which btw is not elegant...... someone was getting married by an indian chief with full head dress.... looked cool
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I got married at a drive-up window at the Little White Chapel in Vegas. I'm not sure if that's tacky or not but it meant I could choose all my own music.
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Best answer: We got hitched at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel (Young Elvis and Pink Cadillac) they can do all kinds of themed weddings we picked the cheapest and the women that did the ceremony sounded like the priest from the Princess Bride.

I recommend looking at some Vegas weddings on You Tube, very informative ;)
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Best answer: I've been to weddings at the Graceland Chapel. You can pick your Elvis. I recommend white jumpsuit Elvis for high tacky factor.

Also, the Star Trek Experience is getting ready to close, so act soon if you're interested in a Klingon ceremony.
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Best answer: Mr. F and I did it at Viva Las Vegas, like thewalrusispaul did.

They have a giant Jumbotron outside that flashes your names at the end of the ceremony when you come out to the front parking lot. And they'll do Elvis if you want Elvis.

Jumbotron, dude. We had *no idea* before we got there. Be warned that their prices for digital copies of photos are crazy high, though.
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Response by poster: Ohhhh! Jumbotron is making me salivate.
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Does the Chicken Ranch do weddings? A bit outside LV, but different.
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Best answer: When jonmc got married in Vegas (in the presence of Elvis, of course) a bunch of us stayed at what was then the Barbary Coast, now renamed Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon (ugh!). It's right in the middle of the Strip, opposite Caesar's Palace and the Bellagio, it's cheap, it's small, so it won't take you half an hour to find the exit and the free cabaret is ... Big Elvis. He is absolutely awesome.
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Response by poster: Essexjan, that is awesome, thanks.
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We did the Little White Wedding Chapel, but not the drive-through. We had Elvis sing and walk me down the aisle, had photos taken of us with a giant fake white horse, and had the whole thing broadcast live on the Internet. Highly recommended.

While there we stayed at the Stardust, which was seriously old-school tacky Vegas... but unfortunately it's been demolished. :(
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