Hair straightening in Chicago
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Where to get hair straightened in Chicago?

The girlfriend and I are going to be in Chicago this weekend, and she'd like to get her hair straightened. It's fairly long - down between her shoulder blades. We'd like a place that:
1. Won't do horrible damage, and
2. Is reasonably priced.

We're going to be visiting friends in Lakeview, so bonus points if it's anywhere around there. Any experience or suggestions?
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You might want to mention what type of hair she has, i.e. African American hair straightening is quite different from Caucasian hair straightening.

I use a CHI flat iron and do my own. It works on all hair types and it's really easy to use once you get the hang of it, but you do need to be careful -- those suckers get really hot.
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She's caucasian, and her hair's quite thick.
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Chicago citysearch lists out teaching schools. If she's just getting it blown out straight, then I'd try somewhere like Aveda (need an appoitnment), which is in Lakeview. Yelp also has a lot of hair stylist reviews.

If she's getting it chemically/permanently straightened, I'd read through reviews and then call and ask how often they do straightening/thermal reconditioning etc.
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