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Can anyone recommend a cello teacher in Toronto, for an adult amateur new to cello but not to strings?

I've recently rented a cello, after years of playing the double bass (about 2/3 jazz and 1/3 classical, German bow) followed by years of not playing the double bass.

I'm looking for a teacher who's used to adult amateurs with busy lives but who's still going to push me, building up basics and working on standard classical repertoire. Ideally, that person would be on my side of town (Annex/Dovercourt).

Your recommendations are appreciated!
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I would recommend Craigslist or Learning Musician; many teachers advertise on those two sites. You can also try contacting the music department at your local university -- they will surely have recomendations of students who teach (many schools maintain a list for this purpose).

Once you contact your teacher, of course, let them know about your experience and I'm sure that they will know where to take you from there. I have several adult (trombone) students and it's lots of fun working with someone who, even though they may have less time than a 12-year-old, usually has more energy and enthusiasm for improving.
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