Source for cheap platform beds online?
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Short version: is there a secret source online (so not IKEA) for attractive, cheap platform beds? I can't drive to pick one up (unless the source is less than 50 miles from Champaign, IL), so online is the only option.

Long version:

So. I just moved out to Champaign, IL, leaving behind my lovely and sturdy IKEA MALM bed. I also left behind my ability to drive long distances, so I can't just drive to an IKEA in Chicago to replace it. And IKEA charges a mint to ship, so I can't order from them online.

For some reason no one in the midwest sells platform beds. Dear midwest: boxsprings suck! I need a firm bed. I would like to order one online, but obviously they are expensive to ship. To make matters worse, I only have space for a full bed (and already own that size mattress), and most places seem to have stopped making them (???). My budget is no more (and preferably a lot less) than $500 (poor graduate student), so I would order something like this from Room and Board, but they also charge a mint!

What's a guy to do? Is there a secret place to buy beds that I don't know about, or do I just need to suck it up and add to my debt?
posted by scrim to Home & Garden (20 answers total) 17 users marked this as a favorite is where I looked when I was planning to buy a platform bed. In the end, I decided to have a friend make me one. The lumber was cheap, I could get it full-sized and I simply so not care what it looks like. You might want to look at your local Craigslist to see if there's someone there who will build a platform bed to order because they're not terribly hard to do if you're not picky.
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How about Sears? Narrow by type: beds. The ones at the top look like platforms to me. They deliver for pretty cheap, and will only charge a set amount for delivery total, so the best thing to do is get everything you need in one go and pay peanuts for delivery. As a person who doesn't drive, I <3 Sears.
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Walmart. No, really. I bought a platform bed off their website last year when I first moved to Florida for graduate school. It was of OK quality and not difficult to assemble at all.
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I bought one from Abundant Earth.
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The Meijer and Walmarts in town (Champaign - the Meijer in Urbana isn't open yet) are probably your best bet. Furniture Row is pretty expensive (and low quality too) although you might get lucky there, somehow. The Freecycle here might be a good option, and I have gotten some great buys on the local Craigslist as well.
We recently purchased a mattress from Slumberland and are really happy with it. They tried to sell us a boxspring also but we told them we had a platform bed and they stopped pushing the boxspring. Perhaps they would have something in your price range. They're located out in Champaign very close to Furniture Row and all the other stores I mentioned above so perhaps you could make a day of it and find what you need out there.
Good luck, and welcome to Chambana.
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EQ3 has some really nice platform beds. I found at least two for <500$, so it might be worth a look.
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Scratch that (sorry!) there doesn't appear to be an online store...
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Seconding criagslist. It's the only place I know of where you can find a platform bed and someone to join you in it.
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Room Doctor. See their Plateau platform bed - solid pine (plus they deliver for about $40). They also sell these on Amazon (at a slightly higher price), where they get good reviews.
If you search on Amazon for "platform bed," you'll find several other options at a reasonable price.
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A while back I rigged up a cheap platform bed by putting precut planks on an old futon frame, it cost maybe $100 for lumber and a box of screws. If you want to go ultra-cheap you could use milk crates instead of an old futon ($10 a pop ain't bad).
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I got my platform bed from Eurway.
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It'd be great if my link actually worked: Eurway.
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Gothic Cabinet Craft delivers fully-assembled beds. I don't know if they deliver out to IL, but with these, not only can you get platform beds, you can get beds with storage!

My fiancee and I got a lovely King frame from these guys with a gazillion drawers. She uses her side as a chest of drawers and I use mine as random storage.
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Did you try any of the furniture stores in Champaign? I just moved here as well and spent the summer trying to furnish my house on the cheap (also a grad student). I got all of my stuff from places in Champaign. Being that I just moved here, this probably isn't a comprehensive list of all the places in town, but here is where I shopped. They all deliver for a fee (although I realize that's basically the same as the shipping costs you're trying to avoid. Hey, at least they'll build it for you too!)

This Is It Furniture: 1615 W. Springfield (family-owned business that was recommended to me for their low prices. Lots of catalogs (can usually beat Ashley's prices). However, it is taking them forever to get the coffee table I ordered!)
Ashley Furniture: 602 W. Anthony
Furniture Warehouse: 126 E. University (looks kind of like a not-so-nice place, but they have tons of catalogs (including Ashley), the employees were super nice, delivery was inexpensive, and I am really happy with the kitchen chairs/table I got there.)
The aforementioned Furniture Row

Price-wise, This Is It and FW seem to be your best bets (unless maybe you'd manage to snag a floor model at Ashley). I can't specifically remember if any of them had platform beds in stock, but it is maybe worth looking over the catalogs at some of these places and getting them to order something in for you.
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About a month ago, I purchased the twin bed that Susurration linked to. The shipping was $31. I'm very happy with it; I wouldn't call it attractive, but it's sturdy and fits our needs.
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I, too, agree with going on and seeing if anyone is selling any West Elm furniture on there. It's not the best, but it is functional and will last a little while...also, people ALWAYS sell that stuff cheap on that site...I see $500 (original price) platform bed frames going for $200 or less all the time. Is there a SAM'S CLUB or COSTCO near you, as well? They always have random gems in their stores and you may know someone with a membership card to get in them and see.
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Is "This is it Furniture" still around? If it is, you've got to check it out.

Okay, I've never been there... but the commercials were freakin' great... "This is it Furniture -- where you always get a free onion!" ...


In all seriousness, the commercials were ridiculous, but .. my point is .. there are options in Champaign... I miss Champaign sometimes..
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How about West Elm? Only $75 shipping.
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We got a great bed from CB2, Crate & Barrel's cheaper, more modern outlet.
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I'm in Bloomington, and I lived in Champaign for a number of years while in school. Your best bet would be any furniture outlet place around. This is It Furniture is a pretty decent suggestion. You can definitely "negotiate" the prices down over there.

There is also a massive furniture sale outlet store here in Bloomington, next to the Old K's Merchandise, Ruby Tuesday's, and Outback Steakhouse on Veteran's Parkway in the old K's strip mall. I've bought two or three pieces of furniture from the place, mostly all clearanced Ashley furniture. They are willing to negotiate, and last time I was in there, tons of bed sets left.

Check it out.
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