Where can I buy tall sweaters?
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Do trendy sweaters exist for tall skinny men? Ideally size Medium Tall, and woolen. Where can I get one?

I'm 6'4", 150 lbs, and I like woolen sweaters, but have never found one that fits. Big & Tall stores do Big AND Tall, and even outdoor clothing outfitters only do sweaters in tall for large and XL sizes, which are too wide (droopy shoulders). Normal Mediums are way too short in the body and arms. I generally like Columbia styles (like this, this, and this), but they don't fit. I live in Vancouver, Canada, but am happy to buy online.
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Land's End seems to carry sweaters in Medium tall. I wouldn't really call them trendy. You might try and find someone on Etsy who would make what you want to fit.
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Banana Republic has Medium tall Wool sweaters in stock..
The Gap is usually pretty good about medium tall sized items, but the ones listed on the site now appear to be cotton/poly blends.
If all else fails, ebay.
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Is there a thing such as Macys around your way? If not try Armany and Guess for a little more high end stuff than previously suggested.....Armani will probably fit you real nice...
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I remember Ruehl had nice cashmere sweaters and the sleeves were way long on me. I'm a 6-2 and a 34 inch sleeve. They were cheap, too - $200 I think.

They may have a website, too.
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I've also had good luck with Gap cuts, even ones that aren't called "medium tall".

Now, an equally important question is where to get jeans for our height that aren't baggy.
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H&M, Zara and Armani Exchange are all in Vancouver and all feature a kind of 'Euro' cut -- long and lean. Maybe they're still too short for you, but European sizing might actually work. Check Holt Renfrew too - not everything they have is super duper pricey.
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@Beardman: Good-fitting jeans are relatively easy: Lucky Brand Jeans have sizes like 30x37 in a range of styles and colours which fit great and last well.

Everyone else - thanks for the tips (but keep em coming!) Am actually looking forward to going shopping for once!
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Try Mexx. I find their clothes just get longer as you go up in size, without getting much wider.
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See if you've got any yarn stores or knitters' guilds in your area. Call up and ask if they know of anyone who does knitting-for-hire. The yarn shop I worked at arranged that sort of thing for people all the time. You'll get the exact design, colour, and fit that you want. Shops will charge more though, so you're better off finding a little old lady who doesn't have anybody to knit for anymore.
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Eddie Bauer seems to carry sweaters in Medium Tall. My husband swears by their Large Tall stuff...
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