Gift guessing that involves height, weight, birth date, address?
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Gift guessing filter: help me think of what this could be.

My friend, who happens to be my personal trainer, recently asked for confirmation of my height, weight, address and full birth date (but not birth time or day of week). She says it is for some sort of gift that will arrive in a few days. What on earth could it be? I'm baffled. It's not for my birthday. It's just some sort of surprise.

Thanks. (I'll come back to say what it was. And I promise that, given the range of possibilities, you're not ruining the surprise)
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I dunno...a gift certificate for some kind of astrological fitness assessment?
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Hot air balloon ride?
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Gift membership for a gym? Or is that where she's your personal trainer already?
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She might be signing you up for a subscription-based health/exercise/diet-monitoring service.
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Oh! it's one of those suits they use to simulate pregnancy!
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Some kind of biorhythm assessment? Is she into that new-agey kind of crap?
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I've asked similarly bizarre questions around my nosy friends birthday to throw her off the scent. Are you one of those people who endlessly tries to figure out what a gift is?
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Response by poster: No, I'm not! It's not even my birthday. I think it has something to do with the personal training. But, seriously, she wanted my weight. That's a pretty gutsy thing to ask for, but she insisted she needed it.
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she may being trying to throw you off with one of the things she asked you.
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Ohhh, the address ... I´m betting it´s a gift that will arrive with an address label on it.

Height, weight, and DOB. I´m betting that it´s some sort of customized fitness and health recommendations, showing what you should be eating, reminding you to wear your seatbelt, showing what your resting heart rate should be for someone of your age.

It doesn´t seem so gutsy for your personal trainer to know your weight, any more than your ski rental place or bungee jumping instructor. There are good reasons for them to know.
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Response by poster: Yes, but she told me before she *didn't* want to know my weight because we are also friends.

She said that she was waiting for something from someone else, so I should be receiving whatever in a few days.

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