Need help with international shipping
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Information on International shipping (US to India)?

I have to ship a large number of books to India from the New York/New Jersey area. It's looking like 5 cases weighing in at about 45 pounds/case.

Anyone out there have any suggestions or experience in these matters? Usual time:money ratio applies. Any help/advice is appreciated.

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USPS Media mail.
Customs on the destination side can (and sometimes will hold these up for a while).

I have shipped books using that service - not that many though, so YMMV.
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I ordered a set of Cisco books from ciscopress' website using Fedex. Was one big box consisting of 6 books weighing in at a total of around 30lbs. Cost me 27USD, and received everything in 4 days (Jun 26-Jun 30), service type was Fedex International Priority. And yes, I live in Mumbai. I don't see why Customs would hold up books, of all things. Good luck.
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Forgot to mention, the shipment originated from Indianapolis, IN.
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Sea mail?
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