Talk Like a Pirate Day
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up again soon on September 19th and my colleagues at work have been suffering from those Autumn Blues. I have been tasked with creating (on a reasonable budget) a day to cheer those landlubbers up. More Inside Davey Jones Locker...

I need ideas for fun and games, snacks and treats and cheapo costume ideas. It's a fairly busy call centre environment and I will more than likely be forced to run round with a cutlass and eyepatch shouting "Yarrrrr!" to encourage enjoyment. Any assistance welcome.
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You could get a couple of memberships (or free trials) for Puzzle Pirates, and then set up a couple of laptops with projectors in a meeting room and let them play head to head swordfighting and drinking challenges against each other.
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Don't forget about Pirate's Booty!
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For appropeiate snacks & treats, I'd recommend hardtack, anything lime-flavored, some rum raisin ice cream, chocolate coins, barbeque
and fishsticks. With the leftover rum, make some bumboo.
Get some bandannas, striped shirts, and pres-on tattoos for your crew while you're at it. Be sure to crank up some befitting tunes with the Captain Blood soundtrack.

One other item: be sure to pass someone a note with a black spot on it.
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Sorry - you said call center, didn't you? Pass along a trouble ticket
with a black spot on it.
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I should be more specific - we are in the UK and therefore may not have access to certain pirate-snack related goodness. I already have inflatable parrots, plastic swords, eyepatchs and bandannas listed - we may also get the chance to have some piratey types films running with the exception of Cutthroat Island (*shivers own timbers*).
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Substitute saltwater taffy and cocconut milk for rum items. Save the real treasure for when you're offshore. Cook some potatoes. Pirates love potatoes. Bears sometimes enjoy huckleberry pie, but they can be pirates as well. Be sure to bookmark the Gilbert & Sullivan Archive's "Web Opera" notes for Pirates of Penzance.
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You could find yourself a pirated copy of Dodgeball, which features someone who thinks (and talks like)they are a pirate.
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I should probably offer to ship "Pirate Cookies" to everyone. They're a Mr. Christie product: whole-wheatish cookies with peanut butter "stuff" between them, akin to an Oreo.
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Last year I set up my MOO so everyone's speech was piratized ("is" -> "be", appending ", matey!" at random to the end of certain messages, etc.)
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