Who is Haruki Murakami's first cover artist?
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Who is the cover artist for the original Japanese editions of Haruki Murakai's first three novels?

The recent interest in the covers of international editions of Haruki Murakami's books stirred a long-simmering question in my mind: who is the cover artist for his first three novels? If you google image for it, the artist's signature is visible on the cover and it looks like "M. Sasaki" but I don't think it's this M. Sasaki - the style just looks too different. Can anyone provide a definitive answer?
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Best answer: The Japanese Wikipedia article for Maki Sasaki (佐々木マキ) indicates that the M. Sasaki you've found is indeed the one responsible for the covers. This site (in Japanese), and in particular this page list Sasaki's works, including the Murakami covers he's done.
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Response by poster: Wow, thank you! His other, really cartoony style, totally threw me off.
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How about this-- anybody know of a place to find Murakami's book covers as large JPG's, say for a cool wallpaper or something?
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