Free furniture/room layout software?
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I'm looking for free OS X or Windows software that will allow me to draw a room and furniture to scale and move things around to find the best layout. Extra points for simplicity and ease of use.
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Ikea has something like this.
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Wow, I popped in to suggest SketchUp and IKEA! Floorplanner is also a cool and free one.
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planningwiz is another one to check out. it has a database of scalable room elements and furniture, instead of having to draw objects.
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I have used inkscape for this purpose. It is a vector drawing program, rather than being specifically for floor planning purposes, but I have found it relatively straightforward to draw the shapes of furniture to scale.
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Seconding sketchup.
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Back before the internet had pictures, I used to do this with graphing paper; the lines make it easy to get everything to scale (1 foot = 4 "squares"). Cut out shapes for each piece of furniture and arrange them on another sheet with the room dimensions traced out. You really can't get more simple than that.
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OmniGraffle is great for this sort of thing, and it even has some built in furniture illustrations. You can use it for free as long as you put less than 20 things in your room (you have to buy the software if you want more than that in a single file).
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I've used Visio for this.
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Thirding Sketchup - I used it to floorplan our tiny studio flat - the 'Model Finder' function lets you download scale models of a lot of mass-produced furniture (particularly IKEA stuff).
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