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Baio-Foster-Filter: In the song "You give a little Love" from the movie Bugsy Malone, played HERE there are two voices I can swear I know from saturday morning cartoons. Who are they?

Okay the first voice comes in at 1:40. The second voice comes in at 1:49. It would be great to know who these voices are. But it'd be even better if I knew what cartoons I knew them from. Later on I know I hear Henry Gibson, so don't say him. It's the other two that drive me nuts with half-nostalgia when I hear them.
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Paul Williams, who composed, arranged and sang some of the music, is also the voice of the Penguin in the Batman animated series. The voices you point out sound like him doing a different accent.
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Here is some info on the album with a listing of all vocalists, if none sound familiar, it's a good google jumping off point.
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Yeah, I thought it might be Paul Williams doing different voices, too. There are some credits for backing vocalists here, though, if those names ring any bells.
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whoops, jinx!
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oh man - we went to that movie for my birthday party. Whoa, that takes me back.
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Man, Paul Williams is awesome--cowriter of the Rainbow Connection, voice of Penguin, and he made an appearance on Star Trek voyager...damn!
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It doesn't sound like Paul Williams to me (I think he's singing the lead as the black kid playing the piano). I'm guessing that both voices are the same actor, because the tone is very similar. Looking over the cast list I think it would most likely be Archie Hahn. He's a pretty good impersonator, and in both vocals he's imitating Jerry Winchell (the voice of Dick Dastardly from Dastardly & Muttley).
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Response by poster: Yeah I've been parsing this for a lot longer than I should. Paul is definitely the main kid singing. But I don't think he's the two voices I'm hearing.
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