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Getting a Personal Support Worker certification in Ontario -- worth it?

Mrs. the dief is considering opting for a Personal Support Worker course from these guys. Do you have any opinions as to the efficacy of a PSW certificate in general or from these guys specifically? Worth doing or a waste of a thousand bucks?

She's also considering applying for a MSW program down the road -- maybe in another year or so. Would a good showing with the PSW help that at all?
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Best answer: I am posting here and memailing you some more info that I don't want to post publicly.

This is essentially a package of high school courses and co-op placements bundled together to provide the PSW certification. Ontario colleges offer the same certification at a higher price. Graduates of the course enter into relatively decent paying jobs (considering the course is only about five months long)

I'm not sure that the course would do too much towards getting accepted to an MSW program, since, as I mentioned, it is basically a collection of highschool credits.

If she is currently underemployed and would like to get into the PSW field, this is the way to do it.

If she is happy with her work and is just looking to fill time until she enters the MSW program, I would say that this would be a less than productive way to spend her time.
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