What do you think is fun in Quebec City?
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What do you think is fun in Quebec City? My wife and I are going to Quebec City for the long weekend. Any recommendations on what to see and do? We like street markets specifically but we're up for anything, especially touristy stuff. We're staying in the city center but we'll have a car. Neither of us has been there in at least 10 years.
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Definitely the old city, if you're up for some walking, a Google search for "quebec old city walking guide" will give you some ideas. Montmorency falls, although when I went it was winter so you could walk right up to it.
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This year is the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, as such there are many many things to do. I suggest you check out the "Moulin à Images" which is an artful history of Quebec City projected onto 50 or so silos in the old port. Also, the Citadel has some special events going on, and I believe there are free concerts almost every night in many of the parks near the old city. Check out the website.
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Just outside the city, if you're into history, Fort No. 1 is a fantastic place to tour.

The Old City is a must; if you're a stylin' man with a stylin' missus, there's a rather nice chapelière in the old town.
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The Old City, the port below it, and blvd Grande Allée up to about the Concorde hotel (tall angular with rotating restaurant) are all worth checking out, as are the plains of Abraham and the citadel (too bad the Voltigeurs Armoury burnt down, as they usually have some interesting exhibits in the summer). Have a meal on a terasse on Grande-Allée, keep an eye out for the 3ft tall beer flutes. Have brunch or a wine and cheese selection in the Chateau Frontenac, In the old city you'll want to check out rue du Trésor amongst other things.

My favourite locals tip: when you've walked down into the lower part of the old city below the cliffs, take the ferry to Lévis (traversier Québec–Lévis). It's accessible by foot and for the piddly sum of $2.70 you get a 20 minute boat ride (10 min each way), great photo opportunities with Quebec City in the background, and there's some historical info and photos inside. If you don't get off on the other side you only have to pay for a one way ticket.
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It's a really nice time to drive around the Ile d'Orleans, just a bit east of Quebec city. Plus you can stop at the Chutes Montmorency on your way there.
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In addition to the old city, visit the St-Roch neighbourhood, especially around the Jardin de St-roch area, it's where the cool kids are hanging out.

Have breakfast at Paillard on St-jean, lunch at the cochon dingue in the petit champlain and diner at Panache in the St-Antoine hotel.
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After you're done at the Chateau Frontenac as furtive suggests, walk two minutes to the Quebec Wax museum - it's in a 17th century house, yet somehow situated above a depanneur, so easy to miss. But it's fun and one of the weirdest little museums I've ever been to - be warned for the wax Iroquois heads on stakes display!
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Le Musée de la civilisation.
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I think everyone already said all of my favorites, except for the restaurant Le Saint-Amour.
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Whoops, that was supposed to be a link: Saint-Amour.
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toast restaurant is excellent. And the falls were a lot of fun. Spent four days there on Honeymoon a few weeks ago, and they were the two best places I went.
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I liked the falls also. Mostly disappointed in the food.

I did have a a spectacular meal at Le Moine Echanson on rue Saint-Jean. These people love food and wine and it truly shows. The plates were works of art and the flavors did not disappoint. A tiny place so make a rez.
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