I want to hear this broadcast again!
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About ten days ago I was listening to NPR in my car (KPCC in Pasadena, to be specific) and heard a hysterical piece on Great Britain's success at the Olympics. Help me find it!

A British columnist(?) was stating with great humor that most Olympics sports were in invented in England but somehow the Brits have become terrible at them. As a result they've striven to become the world's best losers. The recent downpour of gold medals came as a shock and the columnist wanted to apologize to the other nations for their success.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? NPR has a great archive but I just can't find this broadcast! Help!
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I'm pretty sure this was on All Things Considered, but it might have been The World - a PRI show. I remember it too, and my searches are fruitless as well.
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You can listen to it on this page, about half-way down (titled "Britain's Olympic glory").
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There was a hilarious piece on Wait...Wait, Don't Tell Me! that had a British comedian commenting on the closing ceremonies. Maybe that?
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Thanks blue mustard, that was it!
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