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Campgrounds with cabin rentals near Niagara Falls?

Does anyone have any recommendations of campgrounds near Niagara Falls, on either the American or the Canadian side, that have cabins to rent? We'll be leaving New Haven, CT on Saturday morning and making our way toward the Falls (any ideas on what to check out on the way is also appreciated) and then coming back on Monday. There's two of us & ideally, we'd like to spend $100 or less per night for the cabin and be within an hour or two of Niagara. I've found a few places online that look alright, but I'm looking for a firsthand (or secondhand or even thirdhand) opinion.
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There are cabins for rent at Allegheny and Letchworth State parks, but since this is a holiday weekend you are most likely SOL.
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You will find traveling over the border a pain this weekend with huge lineups so factor that into your sleeping arrangements (in other words, sleep in the country you will spend the most time in). Have you been to Niagara Falls before? It is one of my favourite places on earth and I try to go there as often as possible. There is a lot more to see and do on the Canadian side though. An hour or two radius of Niagara Falls is pretty big, Toronto is about an hour and a half away for example. You don't want to be that far. Places close to Niagara-on-the-Lake tend to be pricer, so keep that in mind.

One friend was happy with Yogi Bears Jellystone park and another was happy with the motel at the Riverside park but I do not have personal experience, sorry. I don't think cabins in campsites are as common in Canada as the US (based on my limited experience), would a motel be okay? There are still lots of mom and pop motels as well as B&B's and hostels (look at bottom of page). Otherwise, can you borrow a tent to camp instead? You picked a great weekend to come, the weather is going to be gorgeous!
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If you're okay with KOAs, there's one in Grand Island, New York that's not far from the falls and another in Lewiston (a bit further, but still close). Allegheny and Letchworth are both on the far end of your "hour or two" range - I'd plan to stay closer. It's possible to do the Falls in a couple of hours, but you'll probably want more time than a 3-4 hour round trip will allow.

Due to the long wait times at the border (likely a couple of hours at peak times), if you're going to the Canadian side you may want to consider staying in the States and walking over to the Canadian side for a day trip. The wait will be considerably less, though you still need all your ID to go through customs and immigration. I would not recommend staying on the Canadian side for the same reason, given your time frame, unless you can schedule things so you hit the border early in the morning or late at night.

I think saucysault is right about the general availability of campgrounds - I've lived in the area for a few years now and although I generally tend to stay away from the tourist areas, I'm pretty sure there aren't too many campgrounds - and campgrounds with cabins, even less so. Wherever you go, if you can make reservations, do so. Things will fill up fast this weekend.

Good luck and have fun! The falls is definitely an experience.
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I live near Lockport (about 20 miles to NF) and I've seen a few campground signs around. Like AV said, there's the KOA near Lewiston. There's also Four Mile Creek up near Fort Niagara but no cabins. Oddly, there are several defunct old-style motels right around the corner from me (on 104/Ridge Road).

You're really probably better off getting a room at a hotel/motel. There are so many in the immediate area it's hard not to find one to like.

And yea, don't plan on driving to Canada. The radio news were talking about backups at the bridges starting this morning.

And if you're into wine, check out the Niagara Wine Trail.
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I've stayed at Campark a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They do have cabins, but we did tent camping. It's very accessible to the falls and on the bus line if I recall.
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Queenston-Lewiston bridge was a pain both ways today but it may be lighter on Sat/Sun (getting busy again on Monday). Did you know about this site?
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